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For over a decade, Springfield Tree Removal Services have been providing top-notch arborist services for the local community. Our crew specializes in the removal of small, large, and fallen trees. We can even lop off pesky branches that threaten to get tangled in power lines or fall onto a roof. Our skills have been developed over years of on-the-job training.

There's nothing better than hands-on learning, and that's exactly how we train our apprentice arborists. You can rest assured that we follow all recommended safety protocols so that your trees and property are exceptionally protected from damage. We're here 24-hours a day.

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How is Tree Removal Beneficial?

I've heard tree removal is a bad practice. Is that true?

It's a common misconception that tree removal in Springfield, IL, is a bad thing. Yes, irresponsibly cutting down trees is counterproductive and should be avoided. However, there are times when tree removal is good for the environment. Here are some benefits of professional services:

  • Hiring an experienced arborist saves you time and money. In addition, we have the right equipment to get the job done safely and in an acceptable time range.
  • Trying to cut down your own trees bears serious safety concerns. However, an expert has the appropriate safety tools to protect themselves and the property.
  • Dead or diseased trees need to come down to protect other trees and property. A dead tree can fall down on your roof without warning causing massive damage.
  • Culling trees allow other trees to get the nourishment that they need without constant competition. That keeps trees healthy and your landscape looking great.

Do you have trees that need to come down? Call us today to schedule an appointment, and we'll get the job done FAST!

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Successfully Removing All Types of Trees in Springfield, Illinois

Professional Springfield Fallen Tree Removal 

Sometimes trees topple over without any warning, and when that happens, professional fallen tree removal services in Springfield are warranted. You do not want a tree lying in your yard as it can harbor small animals, insects, and begin to rot.

Has a tree fallen onto your roof or vehicle? Call us right away for emergency removal services. It doesn't matter how big or small the tree is; our crew will get it off your property in record time.

Did you know that we offer 24/7 emergency tree removal services? Please contact us any time of day or night for prompt help. We're there when you need us most!

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Quick & Efficient Small Tree Removal in Springfield, IL

Some may consider small tree removal in Springfield an easy job, but without the right equipment and experience, it is anything but. We do not recommend taking down your own little trees.

Did you know that we can transplant the trees to another location? The key to a successful transplant is keeping the root intact. Small trees tend to crowd too closely to your property and cause issues with your landscape's appearance.

Keep in mind that small trees will grow into big trees, so it is best to remove them when they are a manageable size.

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Looking for Large Tree Removal Services in Springfield?

Just like small trees, large trees can easily be removed too when the appropriate equipment is used. Our company can also transplant large trees to any location that you desire.

For example, in Springfield, IL, we remove a lot of maple and birch trees and evergreens from residential and commercial properties. Trees that are far too large and towering tend to get caught in power lines or grow too close for comfort to the family home.

Our team also offers land and lot clearing of large trees. How can we best serve you today? Contact us on our handy online form and let us know!

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24/7 Emergency Tree Removal for Springfield Residents

When storms hit or disaster strikes, emergency tree removal in Springfield becomes a necessity. A five-minute storm with straight-line winds can quickly wreak havoc on unsuspecting trees.

Our company has worked with the local community to clean up trees after storms and tornados in an effort to preserve the beauty and safety of our neighborhoods.

The great thing about our emergency tree removal services is that they are available 24-hours a day 7 days a week. So when you need us, you can count on our team to answer the call of duty no matter what.

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Springfield's Local Tree Removal Experts!

Springfield Tree Removal services is a company that's fully staffed by licensed and experienced arborists who understand the importance of proper tree care. Sometimes, that care involves removal. Therefore, it's important experienced arborists take on the task of local tree care such as removal, branch and limb lopping, trimming, and pruning to ensure the best possible outcome.

When trees begin to crowd on street corners, in yards, or in front of businesses, it can make the property look cluttered. Also, problems with roots pressing into foundations and sidewalks can also arise, causing property damages. We've seen overgrown roots-pop right through flooring and completely crack cement foundations!

So, when it comes to local tree removal services, you can count on our company and crew to get the job done right the first time! Are you ready for a FREE quote and consultation?

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"Incredible experience using Springfield Tree Removal Services to get my tree removed. The team was on time, gave an honest estimate, and completed the service same day! They seemed super knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Definitely recommend them!"
- Carole K.

Newly Expanded Local Service Areas!

Springfield Tree Removal Services is happy to announce that they've expanded their expertise to your neck of the woods! are you in need of professional tree removal, disease treatment, lot & land clearing, or trimming services and live in or around Chatham, Sherman, Riverton, Spaulding, and Rochester? If so, please call, email, or contact us via our online form for a FREE consultation and estimate.

Do Your Trees Need A Little Nip & Tuck?

Springfield Tree Removal Services is your one-stop-shop for tree pruning, trimming, shaping, and in some cases, removal. We offer affordable prices!  Call us at (217) 694-8050
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